“5 stars, excellent translation! No spelling errors, no QA errors, absolutely perfect in fact, no changes needed.”

Reviewer feedback on a test translation for an HR software vendor (marketing copy):

“I had a look at the German translations and they are really great. You can really see that the translator put effort into this and didn’t just translate word for word but makes sure to transfer the meaning into idiomatic German. She asks very good questions too, which means a lot to us.”

End customer’s feedback on the translation of a SEO software product (contracted through Lionbridge Denmark A/S):

The collaboration went very well and I received only positive feedback from my colleagues. In addition her queries at a number of points enabled the text basis to be improved.”

Bernd Berschick, former head of the “Technical Documentation and Localization” department of a leading provider of electrical engineering software:

Excellent quality and service!”

Transcript GmbH & Co. KG

Good and reliable translator. We are glad to have her on our team!”

ADAPT Localization Services GmbH

“There were no changes to be made – brilliant translation with given feedback taken into consideration. Compliments to the translator.”

Client reviewer’s comment (on a digital marketing project):

“Katrin is absolutely wonderful to work with. She’s professional, always on-time, consistent, friendly and goes the extra mile. I highly recommend working with her for German translations.”

Rita van Eck, Lead Copywriter at Bondora:

“Katrin has been working with Comtec Translations on a big IT project that lasted several months. During this time, she has always provided outstanding quality translations and ahead of schedule deliveries. Katrin is an excellent translator, trustworthy and hard worker and her contribution has been fundamental to the smooth running and delivery of a very complex project.”

Comtec Translations

“Katrin has worked with us in several marketing and telecom projects delivering spotless translations. She is an exceptional professional in general.”

Codex Global

„Your thorough feedback is very much appreciated! (…) Thank you very much for your attentiveness and high quality service!”

Quality Lead from a European-founded Language Solutions Provider

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